QR Code Marketing

Add a QR Code (Quick Response Code) to your print campaigns to give users an interactive experience that further emphasizes your brand. Through the use of a smartphone, users scan the code and can go directly to your website, mobile site, video or special offer!

Local Mantra can also design and develop a mobile landing page to use with your QR code. This landing page can display your contact information or include a form to collect contact information from your users. We’ll use your logo and color scheme to create a landing page that matches your current branding.

Paralleling the rise in smart phone adoption, QR codes are quickly becoming a powerful force in marketing, acting as a connection between the physical world and the web. People see a QR code, scan it, and are suddenly seeing your message, website, or even your facebook page.

Once the code is created it can be printed on almost any surface, from print ads, billboards, business cards, labels, store fronts, and even on vehicles.

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qr code marketing
Scan the QR code and go directly to a website, mobile site, video or special offer of your choice.
mobile landing page
Local Mantra can create a QR code for your business and can even include your logo and match your current branding!
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qr codes

A Quick Response (QR) code is a two-dimensional matrix barcode that can store data such as contact information, calendar events, URLs, phone numbers, emails, mailing addresses, or any other text up to 7,089 characters. A barcode reader application easily installed on a mobile device or a handheld scanner connected to a computer can read QR codes.

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